Letra da Música

Remember the days when we never had a dime 
and our dreams seemed a million miles away 
but we made it baby 
facing the bad times with a smile
here we are and we're growing stronger day by day 

cause we got love times love 
it's always there for us to share 
and girl it sure feels good to know 
you're by my side 
cause we're just two high hearts 
that beat as one forever on 
with love times love to keep us satisfied every night 

so my lady whisper the words I love to hear 
cuddle up and I'll make you feel all right 
cause I need you baby to carry me on through all the years 
so come on baby close the door and dim the lights 

and there ain't no one in this world tonight 
can change my point of view 
so come on girl and hold me tight 
the way you always do with love times me and you