Letra da Música

Please take this sky
as a dress to dance through the deepest twilight.
your chest is bare and cold,
you can not hide the ice and snow that hangs from your halo.
As we tread through dreams;
on the search (a hunt, a quest) for tricks who barter for sleep.
It's all I know.
There's a treasure in my chest, of gold.

And so we cross the world by sea
in search of a city that sinks but never dreams.
(a city that sleeps and never breathes.)
Imbued by the silence, devoted to the soul of one,
traversing the wilderness of eachother's hearts.

One thousand feet above the water,
we dance in the moon light, holding hands amongst the stars.
A black blanket binds (begs) us to fly across the air.
Feel the wind waker, humming softly through your hair.

Relate our darting eyes
with spinning roses, the petals bloom and grow,
the flowers brush your nose.
sleep with me upon the clouds...
\"I hope you find your way back home.\"

Relate our darting eyes,
I need to feel the heart we share and sow/sew.
Dance with me baby.
I hope you find your way back home.

There's meaning in the post script.