Letra da Música

I'm a big girl
Now why you acting so shady
You told me to baby
Zip me
Arigato leaded to
Gotta find another you
You're someone new

I'm about to steal a car
I'm on my way to a random bar
I'm a colombus
Cause he went to far
I'm a big girl
Don't protect me from the big world

Oh, what you're trying to protect me from
I'm just trying to have some fun
But when we wake in the morning
Stuck in the corner

Oh, just tell me what I have to say
I don't really like to play it safe

Arigato motherf


I'm a big shot baby
You can enter my upper
You see
Gotta let me go crazy
Arigato was in use
Everything you got to lose
Is me and you