Letra da Música

(Feat. Awa)

I was so absurd
Every word
Every word

And I meant it when I said I’d be yours for a lifetime
And I felt it when you told the words backwards was such a crime
And I realised that your mind all made up you weren’t gon’ change
But your heartache will burn every night thinkin’ of me

You can hold onto your every word
Coz the way you’re talkin’ oh its so absurd x4
Every word x2

I held up when you said that you wanted a time out (yes I did)
And I kept up the charade before family and friends
And so now its time that we pull it together oh
Let’s cherish and honour the promise we made oh yeah

You can hold hold onto you’re every word
Coz the way you’re talkin’ oh it’s so absurd. x8.